Using the u-BACCH Plug-in with JRiver Media Center (30 and above)

The goal of this documentation is to provide a step-by-step guide for users applying u-BACCH in JRiver Media Center for Windows.


  1. Download and install the latest version of JRiver Media Center found here.

  2. Download and install the latest u-BACCH Plug-In. Can be purchased here.

  3. Open JRiver Media Center and add u-BACCH to your plug-ins.

    1. Go to Player->DSP Studio [or simply Ctrl + D]

      DSP Studio window in JRiver.
    2. Click on “Manage Plug-ins…” on the bottom left side of the DSP Studio window

    3. Select “Add JRiver, VST, or Winamp Plug-in…”

    4. Allow JRiver to make changes to your device

    5. Navigate to the VST3 file installed during the u-BACCH installation process. The 64-bit u-BACCH VST will be at “C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\BACCH Laboratories\uBACCHaudio.vst3”. The 32-bit one will be the same except starting with “Program Files (x86)”

    6. Select the uBACCHaudio.vst3 and click open

  4. If added correctly, “uBACCHaudio” will show up in the list on the left side of the screen

  5. Click “uBACCHaudio” to bring up the u-BACCH tuning window. Click the check mark next to “uBACCHaudio” to activate u-BACCH and add it to your audio processing path.

  6. To tune u-BACCH, you must play some sort of audio to initialize playback in JRiver. Import any media file into the player, click play, then go to “Player->DSP Studio”, click “uBACCHaudio” from the column on the left side of the screen, click “Tuning”, select “L” or “R” to hear white noise on the left and right speakers respectively. Adjust the u-BACCH Angle as desired and click “Confirm”.

  7. To remove u-BACCH plug-in from your audio path, simply un-check the box next to “uBACCHaudio” in the DSP Studio window. To uninstall the u-BACCH plug-in from JRiver Media Center, click “Manage Plug-ins…->uninstall->uBACCHaudio”.


Walkthrough video


Tuning u-BACCH with JRiver

  1. Import any audio file into JRiver and click play. Ensure audio is working.

  2. With audio playing, go to Player->DSP Studio->uBACCHaudio to open u-BACCH interface.

  3. In the u-BACCH interface, select “Tuning” and click “L” or “R”. This will start playing pink noise on the left or right speaker respectively. [Note: audio must be playing to allow pink noise to start. The pink noise will override the audio playing from the selected track.]

  1. Adjust the u-BACCH Angle, ensuring proper performance from both “L” and “R” sides. Choose the angle that fits your audio setup and then select “Done” to save the changes to your u-BACCH Angle. [Note: you do not have to use the pink noise when tuning, you may tune using any audio. However, the pink noise is the recommended standard to tune with.]


Tuning Recommendations: To tune u-BACCH simply change the angle until the noise sounds clearly and cleanly outside the speaker, off to your right or left side, and preferably up next to your ear, depending on your setup. If one side is more obvious to you, it is recommended to just tune on that side and go with that angle setting.

Ballpark examples (not exact, just where most fall into):

  • Desktop studio monitors: 20-40º

  • Far field/floor standing speakers: 15-30º

  • Film configuration L/R: 20-25º

  • Laptops: 12-18º

  • Soundbars 10-16º


Compatibility: please note that the u-BACCH plug-in only works with JRiver Media Center 30 and above. Previous versions of JRiver are not supported.